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Ventilation Cleaning

clean kitchen ventilation

Build up of greasy deposits in ventilation ducting is the number one cause of commercial kitchen fires. It also prevents effective extraction of fumes and promotes the spread of bacteria.

A regular professional clean is required by insurance companies and we supply the necessary certification as well as clean, efficient and safe ducting that allow your business to operate effectively.

We can reach the hidden sections of ducting, clean inside fan mechanisms and reassemble your extraction systems while ensuring there are no faults.

We can report and/or rectify any faults found in the ventilation system. For instance we frequently find electrical supply cabling inside the ducting deteriorated to such an extent that the insulation has dissolved. This is just one example of an imminent fire and electrical shock risk that is not visible in normal cleaning.

DSClean Ltd provide a thorough, expert service without disrupting the operation of your business.

  • Necessary for Fire risk assessments
  • Covers insurance and due diligence stipulations
  • Reduces build up of grease in kitchen
  • Considerably prolongs life of expensive equipment
  • Better working conditions for staff
  • Before and after photographs provided
  • Out of hours service saves time and money
  • Reduces risk of pest infestation
  • Latest equipment and techniques used to provide the best possible finish
  • All carried out by experienced expert and professional staff

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